The best in the business! From my first appointment with Alex, I knew she would be my go-to forever. She immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease, and I love how quick she was (because really, who wants waxing to be dragged out?). Now I (almost) wish my appointments were longer so I had more time to chat with her. I spend most of the appointment laughing with her over funny stories or catching up, and before I know it, her work is all done. I've recommended her to countless friends and will continue to tell everyone I know to go see Alex.
Alex is incredible. I’ve been in the beauty industry for a long time and have high standards and she exceeds all of them. With my busy lifestyle, I count on Alex to keep my skin looking amazing. She always does and goes above and beyond in all her services. I can’t recommend her enough.
Alex is truly fantastic! Not only is she friendly and fun to talk to she also has an incredible eye for detail and is not satisfied until everything is exactly right. I have never had anything but a spectacular experience with her and love referring my friends and family to her, she’s the best!
I’m a middle-aged woman that had never waxed. I was going on a tropical vacation and wanted to give waxing a try. I was very nervous as I wanted a Brazilian. I found Alex by luck and have never had a second thought about a wax since. That was four years ago. She is quick, efficient and most of all made me comfortable. I have no plans to ever switch my 'wax lady.'
Middle-aged Mom
From day one, Alex far exceeded my expectations! She has a welcoming, friendly and professional demeanor and her services are thorough, speedy, and almost ouchless! She is my go-to gal for all my waxing needs!
Alex is one of the very best estheticians I have been to. She is professional, knowledgeable, fun to talk to, and most importantly...very efficient!!! I actually enjoy my waxing sessions! A Brazilian done in 15 minutes...impressive!
From the moment I first went to Alex I was comfortable. She has a way about her which makes you feel more comfortable. Being waxed is a private thing and it’s awkward, but not with her!!! We talk and talk the entire time and before ya know it, we are done!! One time I couldn’t get in to see Alex and so I tried another person. Yikes!!! Not the same at all!!!! I missed Alex and so never “cheated” on her again!!! She’s the best!!