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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Long lasting smooth skin
  • No cuts or razor burn
  • No dark, course, or itchy stubble
  • Finer/thinner hair regrowth
  • Slow hair regrowth
  • Eventually with consistent waxing and proper aftercare hair will stop growing
  • Won’t notice hair growth for at least 2 weeks after waxing
  • Will grow in patchy vs all at once when you shave

Face: 2-3 weeks
Underarms: 2-3 weeks
Bikini: 3-4 weeks
Other body waxing: 3-4 weeks

  • Pre-book your appointment to get your desired time and day.
  • Consistent waxing helps the process of eliminating the hair from coming back and makes for a less painful wax experience.
  • If you have extremely sensitive skin, please consult wax technician before booking. We will discuss best options and instructions to ensure a comfortable and safe experience.
  • For any part of the body, the hair should be 1/4 inch long or the length of a grain
    of rice which is typically two weeks of growth.
  • No such thing as “too long”
  • There is no trimming needed.
  • The longer the better! You have 3 stages of hair growth so when the hair is longer you will have a smoother longer wax it hurts less when longer compared to when it’s too short. The reason is the wax doesn’t have enough hair to adhere too and will result in the hair being tugged without it getting pulled out smoothly.

The answer is yes. Especially for your first time appointment. The hair follicle is larger than the pore it is coming out of, but I strive to ensure your comfortable throughout the entire process. I’ll check in with you multiple times throughout the service and chat to keep your mind distracted. The first time is the worst, but the second time is significantly less painful (unless you shave in between your next wax or you are about to get your menstrual cycle).

The anticipation leading up to the wax is the most difficult.

*Remember it is only 10-15 minutes of pain!*

  • A gentle exfoliation 1 or 2 day prior to your appointment will breakdown and loosen any build up dead skin cells around the base of the hair.
  • Skip the lotions, self tanners, or any other topical creams before your wax. If you want to apply personal numbing cream please allow 30 minutes to set in before your wax appointment
  • Take a warm shower or bath right before to open the pores
  • Wear loose clothing to appointment if you can
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol prior to the appointment (caffeine will cause your wax
    to be a little more painful and alcohol will enhance the pinpoint bleeding)
  • Take some Tylenol or Ibuprofen 30 minutes prior to service
  • Wear cotton underwear
  • Avoid tanning the day before and day of your wax as your skin will be sensitive

Yes! You MUST have a fresh tampon in or menstrual cup to get any Bikini/Brazilian wax services. You may also experience more sensitivity while waxing during your cycle. This is totally normal and a common occurrence. If you don’t feel comfortable we can always reschedule.

2 weeks before your menstrual cycle for first time. You can wax while on your menstrual cycle as well, just more sensitive, but we don’t recommend it for first time wax.

We also recommend. 2-3 days before swimming or tanning.

  • No picking at ingrown hairs! It can cause further irritation, scarring, and possible infection.
  • Lavish Waxing Studio offers multiple aftercare products specifically designed for treating ingrown hairs. We will match the right product for you based on your skin sensitivity and type of ingrown hair/irritation.
  • Apply a warm wash cloth to help open up the infected pore
  • Apply ingrown hair serum consistently
  • Exfoliate regularly
  • Wear loose clothing to bed to help waxed area breathe
  • Make sure the waxed area is the last thing cleansed in the shower. After the
    conditioner is rinsed out. Conditioner is very filmy and will clog the pore and trap
    the air. With waxing the hair is so fine and soft and will not be able to push throw
    the dead skin and the product build up.

Taking antibiotics or topical acne medications such as (but not limited to)
Retinols, Epiduo, Accutane, Alpha hydroxy acids etc. can cause skin sensitivity
and skin to lift when waxed. You must be off Accutane for 6 months and retinol
for at least 2 weeks before waxing.

If you are waxing only the body and not the facial area the skin should be fine
and not react the same as the facial area. We can do a small test strip to see
how the skin reacts to be safe.

Yes you can! Keep in mind you may experience more sensitivity when getting
waxed. If you are still on the fence about continuing to get waxed or start waxing
while pregnant, consult your doctor.

You may notice more pinpoint bleeding, but your wax technician will make sure
you are aware if she sees any pin point bleeding.

You may notice more ingrown with the extra hormones.

You can cancel, reschedule, or add on to your appointments 24 hours before your scheduled appointments. Or reach out and I can manually change it for you.

If you can’t find your desired appointments, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I will always try to accommodate your schedule.

I will explain how I wax and what products will be going on to your skin. I will have you disrobe from the waist down. I will be in the room, but I will have my back towards you to give you your privacy

Then we will wax which typically takes 10-15 minutes for the entire service

Lastly, I will have you get dressed and I will explain the proper after care and
what you should avoid doing after your wax.

I will provide sample products for you to take home after your first wax appointment.

Everyone reacts differently to waxing. If this if your first time it is important to
know you will experience heightened sensitivity, redness, tenderness, possible pinpoint bleeding, and possibly swollen in the area waxed for the next 24-48hrs. In rare cases, it's possible to have a histamine reaction.

Avoid touching freshly waxed skin, tanning, pools, hot tubs, baths, hot showers, and sun exposure.

Apply a cold compress to sooth the skin if you experience sensitivity or irritation.

DO NOT exfoliate for 24 hours after a wax as waxing is exfoliating the skin. You'll be able to exfoliate 2-3 days after wax.

Avoid physical activity for at least 24hrs. Sweat will enter the pore and cause irritation
or pore may become infected - especially if you are susceptible to break out and if it is your first time being waxed.

Avoid deodorant or other fragranced products for at least 24hrs. Apply ingrown hair serum as recommended by your technician.